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Before your event starts…

Populate your event page with plenty of content! Once you publish your event use the event page to keep your audience coming back for more. Post regularly and add photos, videos, and even early bird ticket sales to draw interest. Start preparing as early as possible to maximize views, likes, and shares.

1. Create an eye-catching image/ flyer for your event.

Make sure you treat your Facebook event page as if it’s an actual party invitation. Invest time in creating an informative cover photo. Keep it fresh. Always update the event information, post event updates, teasers, prizes, speakers, pictures, videos, etc. to keep the buzz alive. Give people content to share and repost so that your event never loses engagement. 

2. Create a landing page for your event

 A landing page is a web page that allows you to receive a visitors information through a form. There are many free tools that assist you while planning your event such as Eventbrite and Eventzilla. Through these platforms you create a single entry landing page for your event. From there you can start selling tickets while they collect registration information from each person.

3. Your event is not an event unless it’s a Facebook Event!!

Make it official and post it on Facebook. This makes it easy for your friends and family to share your event with other people and those people will share it with even more people!

To create a Facebook event: 

  • Click the EVENTS tab in the left menu of your Facebook feed.
  • Click CREATE and fill in all relevant information for your event (details, time, place, food, music, special speakers)
  • You will then be able to invite whoever you want, upload photos, and build the hype up for your event.
  • For more information on how to boost your ticket sales read:

4. Amity Creative specializes and truly believes in promoting your event with Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads help you extend promotional reach. Its hard to organically reach all of the people you want to reach so the majority of your Facebook fans sometimes miss the amazing content you create. Unless you pay for them to see it. Facebook advertisements help you target a specific demographic so you can get the attention of the people you want. You can also advertise your event on Instagram if you feel this is a platform that you are more exposed on.

5. Assign a Hashtag for you event

Im sure you all know, hashtags are the new thing. They are a great way for people to follow your event through a simple search on their own social media network. Once you have decided on your hashtag, your next step is to promote it. Tag all event related posts, images, and other social network updates using the hashtag. Print the hashtag on all event related content. Your hashtag should be easy to remember because it will be used from the moment you start promoting your event, during your event, and after your event. So make it a good one!

6. Make a Promotional Video

A video is a very engaging way to promote your event. You can use a video to help your audience visualize what to expect, and focus on the highlights you want to emphasize. Include a recap on a previous event that was similar.    

Today a Facebook invite beats any other form of invitation. It’s the perfect way to create a group that can hype up the event all together, stay updated, and make the planning process fun!

Good Luck!

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