Winning With Social Media Videos: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Although social media is a widely accepted brand promoting platform, maximizing its full potential for your business could be a bit tricky. It demands careful thought and planning to achieve success and reports have shown that many businesses are leveraging this big opportunity. More businesses now realize that taking the social media route totally makes sense – you should feel same way too. But how can you easily reach out to your targeted prospects? How can you convert followers to real time customers?

The Facebook video platform is massive. Officially launched in May 2007, the Facebook video platform allows individuals and brands reach out to their followers through a more innovative, personalized approach. Its huge effect was especially telling when Facebook released a report in January 2015 which highlighted the level of growth the video platform had achieved. There was an average of one billion views each day.

Facebook video platform is indeed a unique marketing strategy tool that quickly affects what a potential customer thinks about your business. The goal here is to not just to increase your number of followers, but to “win” these viewers over immediately through content. Yes, content is magic! Although there are millions of videos on Facebook every day, excellent content is still scarce. This is an opportunity for you to stand out. How so?

Entertain your Audience

Social media is typically a platform where people go to have FUN. While it will be improper to post pieces of content that are off-topic just to get your audience’s attention, you want to always you’re your fans entertained as well as informed.  Since 92% of Facebook users make use of their mobile devices, their attention span is usually very short as they could easily be distracted. Hence, to win, you must save the best part of your strategy for the beginning while keeping your audience focused on your message. Keep it brief, straight to the point, interesting and informative.

Do not be too Salesy

Although Facebook videos serve as an ideal brand awareness tool, you do not want to be too focused on sales. A user wants to know just how your content can positively impact their lives, relationships, businesses, etc. Think about the value your viewers will get from your video, and how it has just as much benefit for you as it does for them.

Measure your Performance

As much as you want to create catchy videos for your audience, you cannot feel a sense of achievement until you are sure your audience enjoys your content. With the “emotions” feature now on Facebook, users can express “anger”, “sadness”, “love”, and “happiness” towards any piece of content they find on their feed.

In your quest to win, you must not only provide top quality, engaging content, but your videos must create some form of emotional connection with your users. Measuring your video data performance will allow you to track the success level of your previous content and continuously grow and improve.

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