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4 Essential Website Branding Tips to Boost Traffic and Generate Leads

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Amity Creative is excited to announce that we’ve redesigned our website to give it a sleeker and fresher look. As is true with any business website today, redesigns and updates are recommended on a regular basis. Gone are the days of heavy text and lifeless stock images. Instead, as seen on the new website, we’re emphasizing succinct copy, lots of white space and engaging visuals along with easy navigation. Since we’re launching a new look, we thought it only fitting to share a few essential website branding tips to help businesses stay on top of their digital game:

  1. Clear Messaging. No matter how alluring your photos and design may be, if someone visits your website and can’t determine what services/products you offer, there’s a large possibility that this person will leave the site and not return. If you’re building a new website, or even revamping your current website, your homepage needs to make it clear immediately what you’re offering.
  2. Mobile Optimization. Making sure your website is compatible with multiple devices ensures a positive user experience, increasing the likelihood of a return visit. If someone has to go hunting for the information because your website isn’t optimized, this spells frustration and trouble. Search Engine Land refers to mobile optimization as a competitive advantage for businesses in 2017, pointing out that people are five times more likely to leave a website if it isn’t mobile-optimized.
  3. Quality Content. If your website appears “static” to your audience, in other words, it doesn’t look like anything new has been posted in the last six months, chances are, your web traffic is dropping consistently and you’re not receiving a lot of new business leads from your website. However, there’s a fix for that. Content! Content is what’s going to keep your audience coming back to your website, provided that you push out content consistently. It’s not enough to publish a blog sporadically. You need to develop a content calendar, look at what your audience responds positively to, and push out that content regularly.
  4. Friendly User Experience. When creating your brand’s website, it’s critical to keep the end user in mind. Think like your audience/customers would. Ask yourself how you can make the website easier to navigate or how you can help visitors find information easier. Is the contact information easy to find, or is it buried on one page that’s difficult to find? Also consider strong Call to Actions, such as “download now” or “enter to win” as this encourages website visitors to interact with your online brand. Being able to find things easily and quickly are the cornerstones of a friendly user experience – be sure to always put your social media accounts in easy-to-find locations on the website which will encourage your website visitors to explore the company’s social media activities.

As attention spans continue to diminish, making it harder to capture someone’s attention, and mobile continues eclipsing desktop use, it’s crucial now more than ever to make sure your brand stands out online. First impressions matter, and if you’re a small to medium-sized business, you can’t afford to have a website that looks like everyone else’s.

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