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5 Ways to Improve Your Snapchat Strategy

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Snapchat has the ability to help a brand grow their audience organically while creating meaningful engagement in an authentic way. The challenge for many companies is to come up with creative strategies that will gain new users. However, by leveraging the temporary nature of Snapchat, brands are able to give their audience an intimate look into company culture, services, products and events that viewers won’t be able to find anywhere else! Here are 5 ways businesses can improve their overall Snapchat Strategy:

  1. Account Takeover – Social influencers are the A-list celebrities of this generation. Brands onboard influencers to help reach new audiences, drive web traffic, increase engagement and help build their brand further. Account takeovers enable brands to connect with the influencer’s core audience in a native digital landscape that doesn’t feel forced or inorganic. This is crucial! A takeover is a great way to reach the younger demographic by creating a mobile-first approach to content marketing and a mutually beneficial exchange between the influencer and brand.
  2. Coupon/Promo Codes – The benefit of using Snapchat to share coupon codes is that the promotion will disappear after 24 hours, so it incentivizes people to check their story and creates a sense of urgency. This exclusivity period sells well on the platform and makes you feel as if you’ve won something. It’s a great way to keep the customer happy and a way of showing your appreciation. Lastly, it’s trackable! You can see how many people opened your snap and how many people actually bought a product using that code! Grubhub is extremely successful on the platform posting sequences of their tasty food that lead to a coupon code. It’s simple, but works!
  3. Behind the Scenes – This is especially beneficial if you have an event or new release coming up. Giving people an inside look into your company makes them feel like they’re a part of an exclusive club and a chance for customers to know more about the people that work for the company and the overall company culture. In order to create a bit more buzz and interest, it’s recommended to use short but frequent posts to keep your audience wanting more and guessing what’s to come next. As humans, we’re naturally curious how things are made and what goes on behind closed doors so this BTS creates a tactile immersion into how your service/product is made. Free People is brand one should follow for inspiration. They post consistently and show what’s going on in the company office, give users a sneak peak of new collections and are extremely interactive with their users. They have Question Wednesday’s where they ask users to send questions for the Free People staff to answer.    
  4. Demonstrate Your Product – When a new high-tech product comes out, brands should use Snapchat to help guide their customers on how it works and of any tips, trick or shortcuts. Also, if there’s some secret features in the product that only a handful of people know about, this would be a great way to tease it out. By doing so, you’re rewarding your audience with this exclusive piece of information, while teaching them something new. Amazon ran a very successful Snapchat campaign during the Super Bowl to promote the Echo. Viewers got a live demo from well-known influencer, David Lopez on how to use the product and all of its capabilities.
  5. Utilizing Snapcodes — Snapcodes are 2-D barcodes that users scan within the app that prompt users to either a website, hidden sponsored lenses, geofilters or even mobile games. This is a great way to increase engagement with users as they will be less likely to exit the app and will help Snapchat collect more user data for more targeted ad campaigns which is great for businesses in the future. To expand further on the sponsored lenses, Snapchat recently rolled out regionally targeted Lenses for purchase. You’ll be able to buy a guaranteed number of Lens impressions for a specific audience targeted by demographics such as gender and age. It’s a foolproof way to have users learn about your product in an organic, creative and untraditional way.

As you consider the strategies above and think of your own brand, how do you think you’ll be able to use Snapchat to further expand your business?

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